Once upon a time, a sparrow made a small nest in the attic of an old house. There also lived two cats that were very naughty. One day when the sparrow returned in the evening she was shocked to see her destroyed nest. When she turned around she found both the cats cunningly smiling at her. The sparrow immediately identified the culprits. But she could do nothing. She was too weak to fight. So, she made a new nest. This time also the cats destroyed her nest. The sparrow grew upset. Still, she didn’t say anything to the cats and made a new nest somewhat at a higher place than before. The cats were so bad that they broke it again.

Now, the sparrow got disappointed. She decided to shift to a nearby house to make a new and safer nest. After few days, she hatched six shinny white eggs in it. Whenever, sparrow used to pass that house she could see those cats. She even noticed that one of the cats have given birth to a cute kitten. She felt so
happy to see that kitten. The time passed by in the same manner.

One day, a big stray dog came from somewhere in the lawns of the house where those two cats lived. He was hungry. He sniffed through the place and reached the place where the small kitten was sleeping.

The dog got greedy and immediately capsized that little baby. He slowly took the kitten out of the house. As it was noon the cats were out in search of food. On the other hand, the sparrow
was resting at her nest in the neighboring house. When the sparrow saw that dog, she took a flight and rushed to save that kitten. The sparrow attacked the dog with its beak repeatedly. The dog grew uneasy. As soon as the bird hit the face of the dog, the kitten escaped from its grip. Now, the kitten was free. The sparrow bravely hit the dog again. In the mean time, the two cats arrived. They both saw the fight between the bird and the dog and the kitten playing beside. The dog saw the approaching cats and ran off from the place. When cats got to know that the sparrow saved their kid from the dog. They both felt sorry and ashamed of what they did with sparrow some days back. They apologized with sparrow and finally all of them became friends.

Moral- patience and act of kindness pays. Although late, but
sparrow got two new friends by her act of perseverance.

Sumanika Nagar (Guest Writer/ Blogger)

(Notice: All the content shared in the blog and its articles are copyrighted by MyTeaTimeThoughts team and its guest writers. Any use of the content outside this blog without prior written permission of MyTeaTimeThoughts is strictly prohibited.)

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