PARROTS- My First Pet

It is the story of the time when I was a girl of 6 years. We were three siblings- elder sister- Rishaa and younger brother Rohan. My father promised me to get a pet on my birthday. As I used to love a puppy, I was expecting the same as my birthday gift. One day, returning from office, my father bought two parrots. This made me upset. I even couldn’t celebrate my birthday to the fullest. My father came up to me and asked,” didn’t you like your birthday
present my dear?” I replied in negative. The days passed by. The parrots grew friendly with my family. My elder sister took the duty to feed them daily. My mother used to clean up their surroundings every other day. She even started considering them as her own children. But all this didn’t make any difference to me. I still crave for a puppy dog.

One day, my brother called out my name and to my surprise those parrots did the same. I went closer to them and spoke out my name again. The parrots immediately repeated after me. This
was new to me. I never knew that parrots talk too. This fact drew me somewhat closer to them. I started taking notice of their activities. How they eat? What they eat? When they sleep? And lot more. I even noticed that one of them was naughty while the other one was quiet and shy.

Rishaa, Rohan and me assigned names to both of the parrots. The shy one was named Chary, as the meaning suggests; naughty one was called Raunchy. Immediately after, they started calling
out the names on their own. This made me forget my ardent desire to have a puppy pet.

My father started taking them out of cage every morning. It grew to be the best time of the day. Raunchy never failed to sit on the left shoulder of my father when he did his day’s prayer.
He even followed my father in reciting all the hymns. Chary had a habit to sit on the highest shelf of the kitchen, whenever he was set free. Later I got to know of his fear.

The school reopened after a long summer break. I told about my pets to all my friends. The activities they did. The entertainment they had brought in our family. Initially, none could believe. But when they visited my house they all agreed to my words.

It was Sunday and I unlocked the cage for Chary and Raunchy to come out and relax. I don’t know why but Chary seemed somewhat uneasy that day and went back to his cage a bit early. He was staring in one direction. When I noticed it was revealed that a cat was around and he was scared of it. Taking into notice this danger, I kept the cage in one of the rooms. The day passed by and next day it was school again.

One day, all this happiness and fun ended into sorrow. I found my mother upset as we entered into the house. Her eyes were all in tears. Suddenly, we saw our father at home, coming in from
balcony, where Chary and Raunchy’s cage was kept. I asked my father if everything was fine.

Something came in to my mind I rushed towards the balcony. I was shocked to find Chary missing and Raunchy out of its cage sadly sitting in one corner of the room. When I rushed back to my parents to know exactly what had happen. He was already telling the story how a cat came to the balcony and pulled Chary out of the cage and took it away. We all had tears but were helpless. We didn’t have our supper that day. We decided to set Raunchy free. It’s since that day I decided never to keep a pet.

Sumanika Nagar (Guest Writer/ Blogger)

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