Listen, you want to say something to YOURSELF

In today’s huss buss life holidays are nothing less than a blessing. After enjoying one such break we were back but my husband needed to go to his office as soon as we returned. I gave him some snacks and juice and he left immediately. I kept the luggage and took same rest as soon as I lie down, I looked for it. Dig my purse then one bag then the second bag. I was not inclined to unpack but I did just to search it. I checked my purse again and again, looked in my jeans. To my biggest horror it was nowhere to be found. By now you must have guessed what I was looking for? It was my dear cell phone. I borrowed cell phone of my neighbour and called my husband. To my relief the phone was with him. I will see you baby in the evening I said in my mind.

Took bath, had meal and rest for some time. I was missing my phone. All alone I had nothing to do. Finally, I sat on the couch. My science teacher used to say mind always works even when you are sleeping. I agree with him. Within few minutes I was lost in some thoughts. Thoughts about myself, my life, my past, my present. Thoughts about things about which I always wanted to ponder upon but never did. Well, in one word introspection was in process.

Thought about the fight I had with my sister months before. I always knew where didi was wrong but suddenly while remembering the topics one after the other, my faults came in light. I realised I was equally wrong.

Then I thought about my job. I confessed to myself that I am doing a work I call my job but I was not liking the institution I was working with. I knew the reason of restlessness I feel daily before I go to office.

Soon I realised what I was missing in my married life. It’s been months since we (my husband and me) cooked together which used to be one of our favourite times together. “coming Sunday we are going to cook biryani together. Lets message him” oh! my phone is not with me. But if it was with me, would I have given so much time to myself. NO. NEVER.

We are so much engrossed with these facilities that yes, we are in touch with the entire world but not with ourselves. It is not only with me but with all of us. We are busy in chats, Facebook, Whatsapp, clicking pictures, editing them posting them. Bla! Bla! Bla! So Hey you, Don’t leave yourself in dark. Before talking to others make sure you had at-least one conversation with yourself. Half of our problems, misunderstandings, anger will vanish.

Give yourself some time, we hear this line very often. We misinterpret it by thinking that it means to do the things you like but it also means look deep down into your soul. Listen, you want to say something to yourself.

Kirti Singh (Blogger)

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