Remembering some childhood game stuffs

I was on my way back home from office when I saw some children playing Kabaddi in nearby park. On reaching home and sipping the cup of tea, I started remembering the games we used to play in our childhood. The summer vacations were all about playing games day and night. If any of you remember, there were many poems/ songs we used during the games. To start the game, to divide the teams and many games were played using those songs. I tried to remember the lines of those poems and list down here, if I have missed anything..please pardon 😛

  • Abu! Kaanch k plate me, Nimbu ka achhar tha.. 

         Budhiya bimmar thi, Buddha udaas tha..

         aaja mere doctor, tera intazaar tha!!!

  • 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100..

          100 me laga dhaga..

          Chor nikal k bhaga..

          Mam khaye biscuit..

         Saheb bole very good!!

  • Aaja mere Champaa, dheere dheere aana

         Paon na bajana…

         Chupke se maar k bhaag jaana..

         daal bhaat ki goopur goopur, daal bhaat ki goopur goopur!!!

  • Sone k pinjare me jaane do..

          Sone ka pinjara toot gya!

          Heera Moti jod do….

           Paisa kaun dega?

           Piche wala dabba….

           Dhaee, Dhaee, Dhaee, Dhaee….Dhap!!

There were few Hand games as well, we used to play using slogans, like:

  • Raja-Raani soye the..

          Darwaaza band tha..

          Teen chor khada tha…

           Kutta bhaw-bhaw krta tha!

  • Jhadu lagao, bistar bichao, munne ko sulao, Mummy daddy TATA….!!
  • Thak! Thak! Thak!

          Kaun hai ji?

          Sharma ji…

          Aaiye ji…

         gale se gale milaiye ji………!!

Haha…damm funny. Isn’t it? You can also share some of your poems and songs which you have used in childhood. Just spent some time and revisit that lane. You will have fun like me.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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3 thoughts on “Remembering some childhood game stuffs

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  1. Touched the untouched memories……One of my favorite us missing . Using remember the beginning but the end was like this-hanuman ji puch rawan ki mooch mooch mooch…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay!! So, after spending a whole day I finally remember the starting lines:
      Aao milo, silo salo,
      Kachha dhaaga, race laga lo…………………………..
      I will add it in my next similar post with some more songs. Thanks for reminding this one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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