What is going on with Indian TV Serials?

I am not a regular viewer of Indian television shows, the various family dramas which come on different channels. But, luckily or unluckily, this summer I was at home and thought to watch some of this serials about which I had listened my colleagues discussing now and then. I saw some completely thoughtless plots going around the telly-shops which made me to pen down this post.

So, there is a show (do not want to name it), I had listened a lot about it and its lead pair. In the plot going on, the lead pair A & Z are pretending to be husband and wife in front of some random client to gain a project or contract something. I was fine till their pretending to be in love and imaginary love story. It was fun. Now, that random client’s family is forcing A & Z to get married properly following the Hindu rituals otherwise the project which they are going to start will fail. And guess what, A & Z who are by-the-way not in love yet and have lost their wife and husband recently in an accident,  agreed for the marriage for the sake of project and saving their company. Like, seriously!!!

Is there any limit to the thoughtless plots that are served on our television shows. Have we ever listened about any contract/ project working in this way or practically will a normal person ever do something like a false marriage in front of everyone to gain a contract. I accept that Television is an idiot box but I request show makers to not make fools out of people who are trying to get some entertainment out of this idiot box. We do understand that you are trying to show the struggle of the lead pair to save their company but kindly spent some time in thinking of some better plots which can be digested by common people.

There is a new trend running around the TV shows these days and i.e. Women empowerment and struggle of a women to be independent and achieve her dreams. Many shows are running currently where the leading actresses are fighting against society/ family to become independent, to set up their career or run their business. Trust me, I am glad that directors are coming with some issues which actually exist in society specially in small towns and villages. But, again I am afraid here with the future of these shows.

According to the track records on Indian television shows, I am very confident that very soon these TV shows will also move to the same content we have seen in past years. Girl falling in love with some guy or girl will be forced to get married, the same Saas Bahu fights, some vamps, some cheap ways to insult the new Bahu in Sasural. The Bahu’s struggle to make her own identity, to go out of home for her career but Saas will become the biggest trouble maker for her. Or, worse can be that the main subject of the show i.e. ‘women empowerment’ will vanish and it will become regular Saas-Bahu show. Why can’t the story writers come up with something that is original and that is actually happening in the society. Apart from ‘Saas ko krke dikhana hai wala pressure’ there are many other challenges faced by a girl. Every story does not need to have the marriage as the only obstacle which a girl faces, not every mother-in-law of this world is going to be against an independent and working daughter-in-law.

Setting up a career has many steps and challenges which women face in real life. May be if you show those actual struggles of women and how they are succeeding, it can boost the viewers and make your show more realistic. And, if you want to cut my point here by saying that such realistic way of drafting the show will go flop and not be watched, I would like to remind you of the the movie ‘Tumhari Sulu” which is a complete woman centred movie, showing struggle of a woman who wants to do something, have business ideas, loves her family and how she sets up path of her own choice. If a movie of 3 hours can show plenty of emotions and fights a woman go through, why can’t a TV show come up with such scripts who have no limitation on time to run their story.

My only point is that media, television has so much power and you- the story writers, the directors are sources of this power. Utilise your innovative minds to draft a script which can make common people think and inspire them. Do not show such terribly nonsense plots which ends up either with a headache for us or with a decision that ‘I can not tolerate this serial anymore‘.

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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