The Wind beneath my wings

My soulmate…the only person on earth who understands me perfectly, loves me and protects me from troubles. She is none other than my elder sister, yes I call her ‘the wind beneath my wings‘. Sometimes our husbands are jealous of our bonding..LOL!

My sister and I have seen a lot of things together in our life. Living away from our parents for higher studies made us more close to each other because in every happy or sad moment we had each other to share with. We laughed together, party together, fight with each other, cry and patch up again. Because obviously there was no one around us who can sort out things between us. Even after our marriage, our bond remain same. She is always the first one whom I call in case of any problem, confusion and same is the scene with her. I hope so………………

I have seen her evolving from a girl to lady. A lady who is a best daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law and of course a great mother. When she was young, she was very childish and innocent. Hitting boys, fighting with teachers were a part of her daily life. Studies were like a punishment  to her and every household job which can save her from studies was like a boon.  She changed completely when we completed our school and left home for higher studies. She not only became more responsible but also turned into an intellectual person.

The girl who hated studies specially English subject completed her graduation and masters with English literature. The girl who hated to stand in front of audience to deliver a speech started presenting papers in national conferences. Career, job which never bothered her much, suddenly became important for her.

I was just married when my sister was expecting her baby. I was in a new phase of life and so was she. She had health issues and she suffered a lot, physically and mentally, in that course of time. The girl who used to throw away medicines when young, now was taking pills day and night but never complaint. I always knew that she was strong but how she faced everything in her maternity period was commendable. She broke down many times, lost her courage but she always stand up and fought with the situation. Today, she is a proud mother of 1 year old son but in this 1 year I never saw her complaining about what she lost in past. She is mind blowing, as a wife and as a mother.

I am grateful that I have such ladies around me who are inspiring, who are true examples of strength and calmness. The lines are really true that: Women is God’s most beautiful creature – A combination of strength, love, anger, courage, devotion and selflessness. You also must have such women around you or in your family whose stories are praiseworthy. Respect them, praise them. Hats off to all incredible women !!

– Sristi Singh (Blogger)

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4 thoughts on “The Wind beneath my wings

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  1. F***…….Why I never read this before……Let me tell you this when she read this blog the only thought in her mind was “babu you know me much better then me”

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  2. Superbly expressed!! I can easily connect to the words and visualize various actions and emotions attached to it…


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